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How to Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are one of the most popular concepts for wedding planning. The romantic setup of having a ceremony and reception in a garden is the top reason for its popularity. There is nothing that can match the romanticism associated with the picturesque natural beauty of this type of setting. But romantic appeal aside, there are lots of challenges involved with organizing a garden wedding, or any outdoor wedding theme for that matter.
Garden Weddings
It is important to know and understand what the challenges are associated with planning garden weddings. Hence, you can prevent your dream wedding from turning into a nightmare.
Consider Date and Season
If you insist on having a garden wedding, you need to be extra careful when choosing a date or season for the wedding. There are several factors that you have to take into account during the wedding planning process. The first consideration is the season – you want to make sure that the season is ideal for an outdoor wedding venue. Hence, you need to plan your wedding for spring or summer to provide the ideal weather for your outdoor wedding.
Another consideration when planning an outdoor wedding is your access to seasonal flowers and plants. What is your wedding theme and motif? What kinds of flowers do you need for its decorations? You have to take these factors into mind when planning your garden wedding.
This is one of the biggest challenges to holding a garden wedding. This should not be a significant factor to consider if you are having a daytime wedding. But if the wedding reception is scheduled for dinner time, then you need to look into your lighting options. You have to have access to enough electrical outlets to provide sufficient lighting within the reception venue, as well as for other equipment such as sound, DJ, band, screen projector, etc.
On top of the essential equipment that you need power for, you have to consider lighting as an important aspect of enhancing the look and feel of the venue. Aside from the traditional lighting, consider other sources of lighting such as candles and lanterns.
Enhance the Natural Beauty of the Garden
The main reason why couples choose to have garden weddings is the natural beauty of the garden setting in itself. However, it does not mean that you should simply utilize what the garden has to offer. You need to know how to decorate the wedding ceremony and reception venues to supplement the natural beauty around you.
It also takes experienced and skilled decorators to find the right balance between natural beauty and additional decorations or arrangements. You would not want to overpower the garden’s beauty but rather aspire to enhance that with complementing decors or floral accents. A poorly decorated garden wedding is just as bad as one that is overly done.
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