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Hen Party Checklist to Make Sure Everybody Has Fun

If you’re the designated planner of a hen party, one of your main goals is how to organise an event where everyone will have fun. That’s a big responsibility. You need to prepare more than just the best hens night decorations Brisbane has ever seen.

What you need to do is make sure that there is never a dull moment and that everyone always has something enjoyable to keep them preoccupied. So, after you pick the venue, food and drinks, activities, and people to invite, you should now focus your efforts on how to make the celebration even more fun.

  • Decorate the party venue.

Set up the best Brisbane hens night decorations to create a fun, festive, and Instagrammable ambiance. This can get everyone in the right mood from the moment they step through the doors. Aside from that, interesting or beautiful décor can also keep guests preoccupied with selfies or give them something to talk about with the other guests while waiting for the activities to start. Head on to for great finds on party decorations.

  • Make everyone feel like they’re really part of the bride tribe.

Each person invited has played a significant role in the life of the bride-to-be. Make sure they feel appreciated and included in the celebration by assigning them roles or asking for their suggestions. On the big day, let everyone wear personalised or matching pins, sashes, crowns, hats, sunglasses, or other accessories that signify they are part of the bride crew. You can easily find these items at a hens night decorations Brisbane online store. You can also have matching custom-made shirts printed with your own fun phrase if budget permits.

  • Set up a libation station.

Want to keep everybody busy? Let them enjoy preparing their own drinks. Set up a bar cart or a pop-up bar complete with bottles of liquor, ice, fruit slices, glasses, shakers, straws, and so on. Include simple mixing guides or a recipe of the house special—a drink named after the bride! Make sure your libation station is also picture-worthy by prettying it up. Look for hens night decorations in Brisbane that will match your theme. Don’t forget the water and snacks too. An alcohol-only menu never ends well for those partaking in the celebration. Learn more about Unique Party Shop

  • Have a list of games prepared.

Games serve as icebreakers and a good excuse to let your hair loose and just have fun. Plus, it’s a great way for everybody to bond. Just make sure to consult with the bride if you can do naughty challenges or just stick to tamer versions to avoid any awkward situations. You can assign a bridesmaid to take charge of the games so you can focus on other party needs. Another great idea is to set up gaming booths around the venue so anyone can play whenever they want to. Make sure to buy props and fun prizes from hens night decorations Brisbane shops.

  • Set up a photo booth.

The guests will certainly want to take share-worthy pictures. Create a backdrop where your fun phrase is plastered so it shows in selfies and groufies. You can also leave Polaroid cameras for anyone to use or hire a professional photographer to man the station. The printouts can then serve as souvenirs. You want to make sure that the booth is inviting enough so decorate it beautifully. Place fun props for everyone to try to make it even more enjoyable. You can find some at Brisbane hens night decorations online stores.

So what else is left to do after mixing drinks, playing games, taking pictures, dining, laughing, and chatting? That already sounds like quite a lot to keep everyone happy and preoccupied, right? And you haven’t even proceeded to your main event yet (hot male strippers or a pole dancing class, anyone?).

Of course, don’t overdo it as well. You don’t have to include everything on this list or cram as many activities as you can in one weekend. Assess what will be sufficient and appropriate for your group. You wouldn’t want everyone feeling stressed and exhausted after all the celebrating. Check out at