Converted Warehouse for a Co-share Working Environment and Engagements’ Venue

Coworking is a working style brought about by an evolution in working environments that just developed only recently. A person or groups of people work in the same environment with others not necessarily employed by the same business organisation. Coworking is the answer to professionals working from home but don’t want normal home distractions, people who oftentimes travel and end up working alone or independent contractors who would like to work in the same place with interesting people. Since 2006, the existence of coworking spaces have continuously doubled. Because of the camaraderie that develops in this type of environment, Individuals enjoying this arrangement consider this a beloved community. The best co-share working Brisbane office space in Fortitude Valley is dedicated to make your surroundings conducive to productivity, while you enjoy a relaxed environment with the convenience of amenities like that of a formal office.
What makes a good coworking space
Here are what to make sure your co-share working Brisbane office space has for an assurance of a good day in the office.
1. Non-mandatory long-term lease
2. Reasonably priced deskspace
3. Lockable studio
4. Round the clock secured access
5. A good desk, ergonomic chair and caddy
6. Fee which includes most utilities
7. Wifi
8. Coffee machine
9. Freedom to bring a pet
There is a spaciously versatile converted two-storey warehouse in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane whose second floor has the renowned and awesome co-share working Brisbane open-plan studio where single deskspace to individual offices are home to professionals involved in advertising, film production, wedding planning, modelling, blogging, architecture, web design and even music artist management among others where professionals prefer a coworking environment.
If you are still in the vicinity and you need a perfect and versatile space for a wedding, exhibition, parties, product launches or any function, you don’t need to look far for great engagement venues Brisbane can offer. This same spaciously versatile converted two-storey warehouse has its first floor solely for stunning events that can be booked as a full 660 metre square room for 500 people. This same space can be further subdivided to host even a minimum of 50 people. It’s rustic, industrial but chic interior with a Japanese themed terrace adds to the enjoyable experience of every function.
What to look for in an engagement venue
Putting an event or party together is hard work. Below is the list of things you don’t need to worry about.
1. Exclusivity – no hosting of two events at the same time.
2. Availability of a projector, sound system and microphone
3. Freedom to decorate as you want with a manager to assist
4. Easy vehicular access with a drive-in loading bay
5. Changing area with shower
6. Wifi
7. Catering
8. Refrigerators and oven
9. Glassware
For a good amount of work space, a large desk and comfy chair for personal use or for your studio office space hire Lightspace. Lightspace has a top notch reputation for housing a dynamic, creative hub which its tenants are proud to be working with.
Likewise, for any Brisbane function hire fully equipped Lightspace for a magnificent garden entrance, high ceilings, terrace with a view of the city, and polished timber floorboards for a truly memorable and unique event.
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